Students: R1 Alex, Wei-Bin, Amir, Mira, Tiara
R6, Felix, Tanishq, R7 Aiden

Our solar ovens are made and they are fab! We tried it on a slightly sunny day and one egg cooked - yah! Some of the other students were very reflective about why theirs didn't work and have planned some changes they want to make. Have a look at their hard work.

Check out this website for all the details of the Solar Oven Challenge!

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Look at these solar ovens that Mrs. Grace saw in Chile. She went to a restaurant that ONLY uses solar ovens to cook the food they serve!


Week 1 Term 2
Mira and Tiara are going to write an article for the WBS Newspaper. The students have all agreed to demonstrate and give short workshops about how they built their solar ovens on Wed of Science Week (week 3) in the cottage. They will also display their video diaries during science week on Thursday at lunch in the cottage. Most students don't want to present their solar ovens at team assembly, they feel nervous.

Week 11 Although it's not very sunny we're going to give it a go and test our solar ovens. The fair test will: we're all testing on the same day in the same location, we'll all test how our ovens cook eggs, the one variable is the design of our solar ovens. If we find that it's not sunny enough today, we'll try again next term. Each solar oven designer presented their design to the group.
Week 10 the solar ovens are completed! Everyone has pictures or a video. Tanishq has done some fair testing. We should test the same food. We will all try frying an egg at school on Wed of week 10. Also bring in all your pictures and videos so we can get started before the school holidays.
Week 8 All kids are well underway with building their solar oven! They think they'll be done after Easter. Most want to test their oven at home and we will meet after Easter to decide at some fair testing conditions. We will also begin to put together the video diaries.

Week 5 most people have started building. I suggest that you take photos of all your material BEFORE you begin and than at each step along the way. These photos will be used for your video diary.
Week 4 Wei-Bin has found something on youtube. It says you need 2 large cardboard boxes. The inner box should be 18x20 inches the other boxes should be a bit bigger by a few inches. You also need corregated cardboard that is 4 inches wider than the big box. Need glass or plexiglass a few inches bigger than the inner box. You also need glue and foil. You also need newspaper or dried insulation. This sounds like something we can do.

Tiara has found that the best hours to use a solar oven is between 11 am & 3pm. She thinks it's because the sun is most powerful at that time.

Tanishq went to a website called, you needed many of the same resources ie boxes, foil, tape etc. This sounds very feasible.

Alex found that when you use a pizza box the heat from the sun gets trapped in the pizza box and that's how it cooks food. Amir also did some research about pizza ovens. He found if it's not a sunny day, you could use a laser to create heat.

Felix went to a website called He's got a list of things that are needed. They are similar to the other lists except for the glass cutter. This sounds like something he could do.

Aiden has begun experimenting with an example of a solar oven he found on you tube melting cheese on a paper plate and foil. He found that the cheese didn't melt but just got warm. He's now trying to find a way to trap more heat.

Week 3 Mira has found a way to make a solar oven using a pizza box, scissors, foil, clear tape, plastic wrap, black construction paper, newspaper, a ruler or wooden spoon, glue stick, a marker, and a bamboo skewer or stick. These are all items we can get easily. Tiara was wondering if a magnifying glass will speed up the cooking process. She will do some research to see if it would and report back to us. Mira also found images of different kinds of solar ovens but most of the sites that told one how to make a solar oven used a pizza box. Tiara thinks that using a pizza box is good for the environment as it is reusing materials. Mira has found some receipe's using a solar oven and found that many of the cooking times depended on the weather.

Alex is wondering how many mirrors you would need to make a solar oven. He will do some research and report back to us.
Week 2 Students have agreed that by Thursday week 3 they will have done some research and have some ideas about what makes a great solar oven and what kind of solar oven they want to build.
Week 2 met with students on Wed to see what research they’d one and create an action plan using our inquiry action plan sheet. Students are planning to research different types of solar ovens, make a choice about the kind of oven they want to build, and come with a list of supplies.

Week 1 Met with students to gauge interest. All were interested and were going to do some preliminary research about solar ovens, how they are made and what they’re used for.