R27 and R23 used their prior knowledge about how structures stay upright. We used what we know about balance, foundations and wide supports. We also used our knowledge about what shapes provide good support. Have a look at our slide show and see what we've built.

Check out this short slide show of what we've been doing in the science lab!

We have gone on some field expeditions to observe how living and non-living things support themselves. We found that they get support from shapes like squares, triangles, cylinders & rectangles. Buildings need foundations. Plants get support from other plants, stems and big plants get support from trunks.IMG_5118.JPG


We then tried building our own structures to see if we could use what we'd observed and make a sky scraper!

Welcome to science Year 4's! We're going to have lots of fun experimenting and wondering this year :0) Check out this website:
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for some cool games and lots of interesting info. Be sure to click on the buttons:
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and explore what this site has to offer!

​Here is another great website to get you going with some fun science experiments at home! Enjoy!
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